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Flexible Terms 2020


Our standard terms and conditions remain unchanged, with two exceptions that now provide additional flexibility and reassurance for all guests who stay with us in 2020, both for existing and new reservations  :

*   Deposit is £150 per week or part week as usual. But the final balance is only due 2 weeks before arrival rather than the usual 8 weeks before arrival. Hence the date on the reservation confirmation will be later than on the online booking system. 

*   If for any reason, you can't come to stay (personal, family, pets, regional/national virus problems etc) then your reservation can be moved to 2021 at an agreed backup date, along with all the money paid. 

These flexible terms will be confirmed in writing when you make a reservation for 2020, at which time we will liaise together for a backup date for 2021. Be assured the prices for 2021 are exactly the same for the corresponding weeks in 2020.

When the UK lockdown happened in March 2020, we explained to everyone who booked with us from then until the year end, we just couldn't do refunds or we would have gone bust, it is as simple as that. We were amazed that almost everyone accepted our offer, even guests from overseas. Hence why all of next summer in all the cottages is currently blocked out for both existing bookings and backup bookings too.



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